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« With ARTE INTERIORS, step into a world of exception »

-Eric Malinvaud

ARTE INTERIORS inherited of Eric Malinvaud’s past, who was able to renew and update utility furniture of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries of the French popular art. He combines these pieces with the “bourgeois” and noble styles of country and seaside mansions.

From this culture, the idea of recreating, renewing and modernizing past atmospheres was born. This “remastering” of ambiances is attuned with the gastronomic and catering sector. Wine bars, tapas bars, brasseries, bistros, lounges, local good boutiques with food tasting, tea houses and more, are designed with such an authenticity, that people only wish to visit them back and find again their strong and unique identity.

Private home kitchens with a country style are also a main aspect of Arte Interiors’ reputation and spirit, putting back the conviviality into the heart of family life.

The “Bistronomy” according to Arte Interiors is born.