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Arte Interiors is the main partner of interiors designers and architects. We carry out the drawings we receive as an assembler and manufacturer, solicitous over a perfect result and respectful to deadlines and delivery times.


Old fashion catering, restaurants “de charme” and local cuisine are of international reputation and the cultural trademark of France all over the world. Whether they are restaurant chains or independent restaurants, they have all at heart a will for perfection between content and container.

Chefs, skilled cooks, deserving cooks or facilitators of a place where conviviality is the meeting point, they all fall for this charm where past and present are united.



With restaurants, the gastronomic boutiques are the core of Arte Interiors’ business.

For three decades, Eric Malinvaud and his teams developed their knowledge and know how to enhance European country products, like oils, wines, spirits, local foods etc ; to recreate ambiances of yesteryear with an eye for authenticity ; and to reboost businesses with a new attraction.

Everywhere in Europe, stores, boutiques and restaurants with takeaway goods, marks off the path of Arte Interiors. 


Kitchen is the centre of the family life. ARTE INTERIORS’ concepts adapt to all possibilities and setups. We create warm and sincere atmospheres in the kitchen, while the kitchens are perfectly functional for the today life.

The host is the major actor of the kitchen. We suggest several styles: US style (Maine), French mansion style (Gascogne, Paris, Ile de France), French south west style (Guethary and Ibaritz).