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Our company-based design office  brings together all the necessary skills. The making of the shop-drawings, plans, elevations and 3D documents is carried out according to the specifications and needs provided by the person in charge of the project.



Success depends on the quality of the concept. The personality of the restaurant or hotel owner, who knows about his working and business environment, is a major factor, as he is the key to the spirit of the place. Our team will elaborate and build around this spirit, respecting the functional and operational aspects, as well as the imperative necessity of creativity,harmony and authenticity in the design. Clients stepping inside must emotionally feel the sincerity and the charm of the place. 



The working of woods, metals and marble stones is highlighted by eclectic finishings, mastered for years by the Arte Interiors teams. When it comes to a classical style, the popular art of the 19th century, the elegant French country style, the Parisian industrial style of the early 20th century, the Arte Interiors teams have specific and complete solutions for each quality project and offer their know how and their long experience to wonderful creations. Arte Interiors adapts comprehensive solutions to your needs and gathers  all professions around your project regarding  design, construction, fitting and display. From wooden floors, to window and door frames, counters and bars, pieces of furniture, sofas, seats and wall finishings, all aspects of the project will be handled by only one company, for a better coordination and efficiency. 


The production plant is located in Romania. The lumbers are constantly supplied and of excellent quality ; and the best craftsmen and cabinetmakers are mentored by the ARTE Interiors teams.

The Arte Interiors teams manage and control the production of all serial and custom-made pieces such as the wooden floors, the wooden panels and furniture. The “ancient” finishing, the distressed finishing on oak or pinewood and the “antique” finishing are mainly made in France, in the Arte Interiors workshops.

The manufacturing includes door and window frames, wooden floors, bedrocks, panels and pieces of furniture. The teams work with solid or veneered woods such as oak, beech, cherry and walnut. Finally, zinc, marble stones, cast iron and wrought iron finish and sign the original creations of Arte Interiors.

Our teams of joiners

, floor and window fitters, as well as our painters and finishers intervene all around Europe.

Rapidity, efficiency and quality are our strengths.